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Zink PH-1 or PH-2

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Wondering if any you guys have blown these calls in a polycarbonate and what you think? Got a opening on the lanyard.
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Haven't used the PH-1, but gave a buddies PH-2 a try on a few hunts this year. Very nice call in my opinion, easy to blow, and good diversity. Broke down a high flock of mallards with it, killed a few greenheads. I'll be getting my own before next season. I'm sure the PH-1 is great too.
I like PH-2s better, in both acrylic and polycarb. Not really a fan of the PH-1, never seemed like I could get it to run right.
I blow a PH-2 acrylic and like it. I compared with a PH-1 when buying and went with the PH-2.
which one has a better chuckle
I've been an owner of both, but they were acrylic. I didn't care much for the PH1... the PH2 was my go to call for a couple years. But those are acrylic...
Oh boy does the PH-2 scream! ;)

Thanks guys.
Ph2 Acrylic Doesnt Leave my lanyard, ill go to the grave with it
I got a Ph-2 Poly sounds great, shot a lot of greenheads with it this year.
I blow the poly PH-2, good call and does the trick. The only set back for me was that it seemed to stick and freeze up easily, fixed that with a little chap stick on the reeds.
responding to an old post but the ph-2 is a great call. It compliments a wide open windy day well. I have the acrylic but have blown both. thanks for the chapstick comment, never would have thought of that
Anyone want to buy a poly PH2? 15$
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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