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Zink NOS

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Zink NOS for sale. Orange marbleade in basically mint condition. I have never used the call in the field. Bought it recently and doesn't fit my style. Was also sent to Zink to get tuned after I bought it. Comes with call and Zink call bag. PM email for picture.

$130 TYD obo.

Thanks for looking!​
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$110 or best offer. Want this call gone!
I've been looking for a better call. How does this one review?
It is a really nice call. I bought one earlier this year at cabela's bargain cave. Apparently someone stole quite a few calls, so being brand new but not used it went up to the cave due to policy. Got it for $80. I know it started as a comp call. Can't wait to use it this fall.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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