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what should i add to my mallard deeks

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wanting to add some new deeks to the spread for later in the season. was thinking of adding some shovelers. But think I heard that adding bluebills are good. So I need some sugestions on what to add for a mid-late season hunts
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I would add divers. Bills or cans. The white in my opinion really makes the spread stick out.
If you want the white or color for visibility then go with a diver or a pintail if you want to stay with a puddler.

For realism add whatever you have in your area. I added a few Spoonies, Gadwalls, Wigeon and of course I have "Willy" my luck blue bill. I think he is almost as old as I am.

Another way to do it is if you have a few buddies wanting to do the same thing then split the boxes of decoys betwen you and everybody gets a few. Most guys don't want to add a full dz SHovlers, Gadwall or Wigeon
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When things get slow I often throw the old redhead out there, all species tend to work better when he is out. Of course my shooting % tends to be lower this way.:D
I just bought a half dozen wigeons. Probably going to buy some pinys, woodies, and some teal next. Then I'm going to work on my diver spread. Ill probably add some cans and bills and possibly some goldeneyes to that.
And coots
These are some of what I mix in my spread mid to late season. Run the mallards out one side and the divers out the other.
i need to add a "lucky" coot to my spread still tho :cool:
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I added Black Duck and Pintail dec's to my spread. Have a few other species, but I've always been told that black and white are the best colors for getting attention. They worked pretty good for me this year.
Thanks guys I ended up with ordering a dozen pintails. Rogers had hardcores for $40 a dozen . Just hope the paint holds up
We usually match our decoys with what we see a lot of here. If we see a lot of teal(yeah they decoy to anything) we grab our teal dekes and through them out with a few mallards and what ever else we see. Same thing with other duck species. Hope this helps!
Pintails and Gadwall if you are in the Marsh!

But I wouldn't go crazy worrying about it. I really doubt if your going to decoy more birds just because you added some variety to your mallard spread. Birds that would work your mixed bag spread will work your mallard only spread.
Depending on the day and what's flying you can actually hurt a spread by making it to diverse. Some days simple is better and some days a good mix is better. Just watch the birds they will tell which decoys they are shying away from.
Gotta add the lucky coot to the spread, have been for the last couple of years!
i heard zink has some new decoys. try those out.
G&H super mag pintails.
well i guess the obvious choice would be goose floaters
not my thread but this is really helpful, all we have (dad n' i) are his deeks he's had for the last 10 years , we just got back into waterfowling and we've only been hopping woodie ponds and getting our limit on them and mallards but this years we're going back to the boat, good stuff guys
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