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Wanted: Guys to shoot ducks in July

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Hi guys,

Thought this site might be the place for this...

Northwest Iowa Retriever Club is looking to hire 2-4 flyer gunners for an AKC Field Trial July 29-31st. This held on the OUtdoorsman Hunting Club grounds near Webb, IA (12 miles south of Spencer or so).

Bring your own gun. Use an open choke. Works like this - one guys throws/launches a flyer and 2 gunners shoot - easy. If you miss your buddy backs you up! If he misses we try again!

Ammo,Lunch, cold drinks provided. Also Iowa Chop/beer/etc on Sat night banquet. You get a great seat to watch some of the top retrievers in the country and some really amazing dog work!

Looking like it could be very hot - so we want as many guys as possible to shoot - that way we can trade on and off to keep everyone cool...

Give me a call at 605-351-1811 or email at: [email protected] if you are interested or want more info.

If anyone wants to just come and watch they are more than welcome as well!


Kiley Buettner
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is this event, tomorrow or next weekend? and what times does it run?
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