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Used mud/surface drive/go devil motors

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I am wondering if anyone can give me some good websites to search for used mud/surface drive/go-devil motors. I have a 1978 14ft extra wide/deep jon boat that i have re-painted and is in decent shape. Use it on river for ducks and catfish. Currently I have a '96 Merc long shaft 25 horse outboard on it. If I can afford it I would like to put a surfacedrive on and run it all year and sell the outboard. Any ideas or suggestions on where to look or if I should just keep the outboard? It runs good, hard to get to some of my duck spots though. Thanks in advance!!
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I don't know how much you want to spend but I just purchased a mud motor from Marsh Monster who is a new sponsor on the website. They make their own mud motors. Do a great job to. They are priced cheaper than ANY other brand you are going to find.
Thanks, I will check them out!
Illowa Marine, Illowa Pro Drive, and Phowler Boat Company. Lots of used stuff coming in and going out every week.

We also sponsor this site! :wink:
Thanks, i will check em out as well!
Does Marsh Monster build surface drives or just long tails.
Bullfrog said:
Does Marsh Monster build surface drives or just long tails.
Contact them but as far as I know long tails.
just long tails. good guys though! been in a few boats with their motors on them! work just as good as any other high dolllar motor!
They make a 35 and 40 horse longtail as well!!!
I bought a 23hp Mudbuddy Lite from Shallow Water Marine in Palo Iowa. Great guys down there and they were very helpful.
hey if you end up getting rid of that merc i might be interested
I will keep you in mind if i sell the merc. Havn't found a mud motor i can afford or of the ones I can afford, one I like. So the search continues. I did talk on the phone to Marsh Monster and he was very helpful. If I can save the money would like to have him make me one. Got a kid coming in late Jan. so I may be delayed on buying a brand new mud motor. That is why i have been looking at used for now.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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