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For years we as sportsmen have been demanding that others who utilize our public lands pay their way and I have seen this conversation on many occasions. Well, here is your perfect opportunity to get a little justice sort of speak. Under the Iowa Habitat stamp code taxes are paid on all our public lands by taking those revenues strait off the top of the states habitat stamp program. That's right we are paying taxes on our land so that the ALL may utilize them. Now you guys know that in this case it means we sportsmen are paying the Bill why others who are generally not sportsmen utilize said facilities for free.

Well, I have learned as a Fact that water drainage districts can and do defer taxes on property it manages or owns to the executive council. The executive council is the one who has the ultimate authority to pay taxes on said land from the states general revenues. Here is our case and it is only logical & fair that we seek this.

As a Iowa sportsmen we ask that the state statute / code under the habitat stamp that pays taxes on all said public lands be changed so that all property taxes on public lands be differed to the states executive council. We ask that this be done so we as sportsmen can invest our states habitat stamp revenues on the Iowa landscape as it was intended to restore, improve, enhance and protect Iowa habitat.

Now if you as an Iowa Sportsmen support this and think those who have a free ride should contribute send your support of such measure to [email protected]. Let him know that you wish to see the code changed and the property tax deferred to the executive council where it is then decided to come from the states general revenues. We as Iowa sportsmen should not shoulder the burden for all and the habitat stamp revenues should be utilized and invested onto the Iowa landscape to promote more and better habitat.

With that I thank all of you for your time and your help on this subject. This action does not take the act of congress and with your help we can change this poor code in the habitat stamp statute so that we can invest our habitat stamp dollars where they belong. On the Iowa landscape.

This code is being looked at and your e- mails do make a difference. Lets get it changed folks.

Bill Smith
[email protected]
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