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Didnt know if any of you had seen this, just saw it yester day. What a shame.

Cannon Falls Man Illegally Shoots Record Buck

A Goodhue County man with a criminal history has been charged with poaching a white-tailed buck believed to have the largest set of eight-point antlers ever measured.

Troy Alan Reinke, 32, of Cannon Falls was charged this morning in Goodhue County with 13 counts of illegal taking deer.

If convicted, he faces $19,000 in fines, up to a year in jail and revocation of his hunting license.

Reinke allegedly shot the world-class deer with a bow and arrow on Halloween while hunting on private property.

According to court records, Reinke admitted to shooting three deer in October, including the trophy 8-pointer.

He allegedly shot the trophy eight-pointer after shooting another eight-pointer earlier in the month.

Another article I read said that it had a green score of 185!
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