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So I took the boat out this last wknd and found out I have a leak. localized the problem which was the plug not sealing fully. so last night after work I started what I thought would be a quick fix... not so!! I ended up drilling out the old copper ring that the owner before me must have put in the drain hole and replaced it with a new copper fitting bought from the local farm and fleet..... of course while I was there I decided that I needed to get a fiberglass patching kit in case there were any holes that needed some attention. After inspection of the transom I desided to go ahead and replace all the fiberglass on the top. We will see how she looks today after work and pray that one more layer and a paint job will hold me over for this year's season.

I will get some pics so you all can see the strugle I have had with reworking this boat... bout for cheap and have done a lot of work to her. more to come.
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