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Trailer Decals

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Ok guys I picked up my trailer today and was wondering how many of you have decals on your trailers? I kind of want a few but on the other hand arent they kind of an advertisement for people to break in? Might just go with a IAWATERFOWLERS decal and DU. Also post some pics if you can of your trailers. Thanks Guys!
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If you put 1 or 2 on you might as well go all out. 1 waterfowl decal will say hunting gear inside the same as the entire thing covered.
Thats true, I kind of like the flying geese decals but at 60 a decal thats kind of high.
I have decals on my trailer but I don't care if people know I have decoys in the trailer or not. Got insurance on the trailer and the stuff inside and it is locked.
where do you guys buy decals at?
Depends on what you what.
If I was going to break in to a trailer it would be one that say "--- construction" I bet those are going to have stuff worth more money than some decoys.
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I dont know there is some pretty shady hunters around here. I had my waders stollen out of my driveway.
Just don't go overboard with it, saw a guy roll threw with a camo trailer covered in decals, which to me throws a big flag to ever ditch hunter to follow that trailer
This is my 12x6 of my best hunting investments I've ever made!
Get some that say something like, "Bob's All Natural Fertilizer", and disguise it to look like a honey wagon. I'm going out on a limb here when I say that noone would mess with it.
Here is what I have on my trailer. The sides are the same. On the back I have a Dakota decal and a big IA waterfowlers decal and a Gerbings decal. Then if you look in the pic with my truck I have a couple dakota decals on the front v to.
Idk how well u can see it but... here ya go lol
Nice looking trailers, I need one of those IA decals adam!
Nice looking trailers, I need one of those IA decals adam!
I had a guy in Tripoli make me that one. Not cheap by anymeans!!!!!
Trailer is out at storage so I thought i would post a pic of the custom fridge in my man room. Hope this works not real sure how to post pics.
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