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Trailer and Big Foot update

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Hey fellas, posted up a couple weeks ago and have a price update on five dozen Big Foots and an H&H 6 x 12 trailer. Asking $2200 for the trailer and $250/dozen for the decoys. The oldest Foot is 3 years old and the trailer is a 2006. thanks.
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Looks like they all have flocked heads to me.
Yep, they are all flocked heads. Oldest is three years old.
cwbcdad replied to your pm, hope you got it thanks
Big Foots are sold. Trailer is still for sale, $2200.
What size is the trailer? Rear door ramp?
The trailer is a 6x12 and it has a ramp door and spare tire.

waterfowl hunting are a not great its are a bad.!I am not supporting this work anywhere. Hunting is a bad work.!
are you related to Yoda? :confused:
Yoda on Jack Daniels. Moderator, it looks like we have an infection.
who is he? can only find one post
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