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This angers me in so many ways

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I know all about this story, the dnr took samples of dirt yes dirt and there was a mineral supplement found in 3 spots but no sign of a actual mineral block. It is legal to put a mineral block out or any food to get trail cam pics and that is exactly what he did. The dnr trespassed on his property with no rhyme or reason, just walked out there and took samples, there was no issues with him shooting the deer until a douchebag of a neighboring property trespassed as well and said he saw mineral blocks which were taken off the property before hunting season started. Mineral blocks do dissolve in rain and the liquid obviously goes Into the ground otherwise known as dirt, Iowa dnr are nothing but a bunch of idiots who do nothing to help hunting and just want to steel hunters prize possessions to hang on their own wall.
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I'll give you that baiting is baiting, but no law states that mineral blocks must be removed a certain time before season opens. If your hunter and looking for the best possible Hunt why would you remove your mineral block other then a day before season opens, the deer are used to coming to it and its legal so why not leave it out as long as possible, believe it or not I know joe very well and he is completely innocent. Trophy pursuit would not of been there filming had anything illegal been going on. The dnr just want that deer for their wall, funny how the neighboring trespasser gets no charges for tresspassing.
Iowa does not allow baiting, period. I am not sure what you are supposed to do if you have a place that baiting was used on your property before you bought it, but I am sure the DNR would give advice on this. Also, the reason that you would remove a mineral block is because it is illegal to hunt over it.

As for the bucket of apples compared to a food plot, theres a difference between dumping apples on the ground to shoot a deer over it and planting apple trees for deer to have food. One is baiting, the other is providing habitat. Surely sportsmen can see the difference in that.
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