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This angers me in so many ways

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I know all about this story, the dnr took samples of dirt yes dirt and there was a mineral supplement found in 3 spots but no sign of a actual mineral block. It is legal to put a mineral block out or any food to get trail cam pics and that is exactly what he did. The dnr trespassed on his property with no rhyme or reason, just walked out there and took samples, there was no issues with him shooting the deer until a douchebag of a neighboring property trespassed as well and said he saw mineral blocks which were taken off the property before hunting season started. Mineral blocks do dissolve in rain and the liquid obviously goes Into the ground otherwise known as dirt, Iowa dnr are nothing but a bunch of idiots who do nothing to help hunting and just want to steel hunters prize possessions to hang on their own wall.
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I had a mineral block on my land that I put a trail camera over. After the block was gone I had a hole about a foot deep and six foot in diameter. The deer kept coming to this spot for a long, long time after it was gone. Yes, it was bare dirt that they were coming to.
Mallardman, do you have some information that proves this guy is innocent and the DNR is wrong? Or are you just assuming?
You can't assume anything even related to this when the evidents speaks for its self. It's pretty obvious that the neighbor was jealous (after they had become friends) that he wasn't the one who killed the deer.
You are assuming the neighbor tresspassed and you do not know the facts in this case. Is it possible the neighbor was on the guys land legally? Perhaps he was legally tracking a deer when he found the mineral lick? Unless you know the facts, you probably shouldn't make statements like this "Iowa dnr are nothing but a bunch of idiots who do nothing to help hunting and just want to steel hunters prize possessions to hang on their own wall." or "Get rid of every single one of the idiots and start over".
When Patrick Kane of the Blackhawks (a hockey team for you Iowans :lol:) was accused of raping a girl, some in the media wanted to hang him without having the facts. They just assumed he was guilty. I bet some of those "journalists" feel pretty foolish now with some of the comments and assumptions that they made.
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Arresting this guy for baiting is stupid because the DNR knows illegal baiting is rampant.
It's OK to break the law because everyone else does it?:rolleyes: If that's the case we shouldn't have speed limits or it should be legal to drive intoxicated.:cheers: Did your mother ever ask you if everyone else jumped off a bridge would you?:lol: Howard do you or did you deer hunt? Are you saying that you poached deer?
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