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This angers me in so many ways

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I know all about this story, the dnr took samples of dirt yes dirt and there was a mineral supplement found in 3 spots but no sign of a actual mineral block. It is legal to put a mineral block out or any food to get trail cam pics and that is exactly what he did. The dnr trespassed on his property with no rhyme or reason, just walked out there and took samples, there was no issues with him shooting the deer until a douchebag of a neighboring property trespassed as well and said he saw mineral blocks which were taken off the property before hunting season started. Mineral blocks do dissolve in rain and the liquid obviously goes Into the ground otherwise known as dirt, Iowa dnr are nothing but a bunch of idiots who do nothing to help hunting and just want to steel hunters prize possessions to hang on their own wall.
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Had it been a 150 inch deer eyes would of just been batted and nothing done, but they are just looking for ways to keep him from his prize, he had to sell that land in which some doe have been bread by that buck just to fight for whats right and legal, complete bs. Iowa dnr are a joke.
What land did he sell??? It is my understanding that the guy had bought and sold many parcels of land trying to buy the perfect tract to shoot a trophy on. I am pretty sure that he has not sold the land that the deer was shot on. If so that has happened in the last week or so.

I hope that out of all this the baiting laws and grey areas are cleared up, and he gets to keep his deer. I do think that the guy had no intent on breaking any law, nor did the guys from TP think that there was any kind of potential wrongdoing here. However, in Iowa, it is illegal to bait and mineral blocks are to be removed 30 days prior to hunting season. I was told with mineral or salt blocks that to be legal you are to dig a 3 foot diameter by 1 foot deep hole where the block was located and remove the dirt from the area.

Keep a cool head on this and try to remember that, while it is unfortunate that the guy is going thru all of this, we are not 100% sure he was not baiting... He is innocent until proven guilty, and the DNR I am sure did not break the law to obtain any evidence here. If they did, then shame on them and I am sure there will be questions to answered.

I find it a joke that not all the fact are out on this and already there are people jumping to conclusions about the DNR being joke or the man who shot the deer is a joke. My thoughts are let it work out so you don't wind up being the one that is a joke.
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