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This angers me in so many ways

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I know all about this story, the dnr took samples of dirt yes dirt and there was a mineral supplement found in 3 spots but no sign of a actual mineral block. It is legal to put a mineral block out or any food to get trail cam pics and that is exactly what he did. The dnr trespassed on his property with no rhyme or reason, just walked out there and took samples, there was no issues with him shooting the deer until a douchebag of a neighboring property trespassed as well and said he saw mineral blocks which were taken off the property before hunting season started. Mineral blocks do dissolve in rain and the liquid obviously goes Into the ground otherwise known as dirt, Iowa dnr are nothing but a bunch of idiots who do nothing to help hunting and just want to steel hunters prize possessions to hang on their own wall.
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Joe sold a partial piece of that exact property the buck was killed on and partial of some other land he had just to fight the dnr, if you want the real story joe basically bought the land he killed that deer on to kill that deer, that ground was sold with trailcam pics already taken of that deer as a 3, 4 and 5 yr old, killing him as a 5 yr old. If you can find that law of removing salt or mineral blocks 30 days before season let me know and be sure to post it, not saying your wrong but I've never in my 15 yrs of deer hunting ever came across that law. Like I said had It been a 150 inch buck nobody would of cared and the trespasser would of been persecuted but instead "in the dnrs eyes" he's a hero. Joe went by all the laws, trophy pusuit would of never been there had they new there reputation was going to be on the line.
Antlers make people stupid. Do people deer hunt anymore just to enjoy the hunt?
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I'm not sure how its a gray area at all, but maybe thats just me. Salt doesn't grow naturally in the wild and salt and by-products of salt are illegal bait. They tested the soil and there was salt present. If you want to be legal 1.) don't hunt anywhere near where there was salt, or if you do make sure its all gone. It won't be hard to persuade a judge that salty soil is a by product of the salt block being there. It would be the same as going out and sprinkling rock salt on the ground...just because you can't see it, doesn't mean its not there.

Do people do it all over the state...Yep...just as illegal. The high profile this deer was given put a lot of eyes on it, so of course there will always be extra scrutiny.

I honestly could give a crap less though...I don't deer hunt but I have no problem with trophy hunting. It never ceases to amaze me how jealous/greedy people get when it comes to trophies. In this case, if the guy loses to the DNR (Which he probably will if the salt was found close to where he was) then he may have a case for illegal search and seizure, but even that would be a stretch.

How soon after he bought the property did he shoot the buck? Is it possible anyone else toured the property with interest in buying it and saw the salt licks? Maybe they got outbid on the land and told the DNR about the salt? I guess the court rulings will tell, but unfortunately, it doesn't look good for this guy.
My thoughts exactly.
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