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A look back at this year's waterfowl season one must take a look at how wet and mild the fall was and how it impacted the season. From the start of teal season to the end of goose season, water conditions remained very good.

Overall, the duck season was a pretty good one but goose season was not what I had hoped. The continued work throughout the summer on the layout boats paid off in concealment and new places to hunt. Having the decoys now Texas rigged allowed me to put out bigger spreads but still get to work on time. A trip up to South Dakota was pretty good timing minus the big changes in weather from sunny and calm, to cloudy, cold and 40+ mph winds and almost putting the truck in the ditch.

Between scouting and traveling to hunting spots, I found myself filling up the gas tank once a week it seemed. Luckily gas was priced fair this fall and the Ranger and mud motor take very little. The cell phone rang or beeped a lot from buddies with scouting, weather or hunt reports almost every day.

After the first month of the season, a new camera was in my hands so I started to learn how to operate it while still using my older camera when needed. Enjoy a glimpse of the season behind the two camera bodies:

After watching Miller deploy his texas rig decoys last year, I went that route as well so rigged them up last summer:

I spent the summer turning a layout boat into a early season rig so checked to see how it blended in while scouting area marshes:

The month of Sept rolled in and out I went to chase the blue rockets:

Than the big down pour happened and found a flooded field, while we were hunting it one afternoon. More storm clouds started to develop and boy did they develop in a hurry:

Getting the boat loaded up with decoys on a clear starry night:

Mid season shoot that ended with one short of a limit. Took me a couple flocks before I realized I needed to point my boat so I could swing easier to the right:

A text came in from a buddy saying that he had found them so we headed out the next morning and got our birds just in time to pick up when the rain started to pour:

Took a trip out of state and the first day's hunt resulted in basically just a sunset:

The next day improved with a slough hunt that had low water which allowed us to use fullbodies and layout blinds on the shore:

Tried a dry field hunt the next day and filled our bag with teal and mallards:

The temps were going to drop the next night so we tracked down the farmer for a near by slough and set up in light winds and pretty balmy conditions. That changed quickly as by the time the last greenhead dropped in the water, the wind was blowing 40+:

The area was dotted with flooded old farmsteads and county schools, be cool to go back in the summer and do some astrophotography:

Finally located some geese for an afternoon hunt but we didn't have much action other than the beautiful sunset:

Got the "youngster" out with her 410, I tried to get the ducks in "dink style" for her 410 and she smoked one that was in front of her:

It was a hard hide with all the corn stubble frozen underneath 1/2" of ice and we almost called the hunt as nothing was in the air, but when the ducks decided to fly, they were hungry:

The 2nd best memory of the season was Dad and I getting our limit in the layout boats. I've put alot of work into them and this was the first time a limit was had on both boats. Along with the majority of the birds shot were single drakes coming in, locked up and having no clue we were there:

A buddy was out in NE and text me that things are starting to get pretty darn good out there so with what was forecasted for here, I went to the marsh the next morning and once the birds started to move around, it didn't take me long:

The Ranger always starts out clean at the beginning of the season but than turns into a shade of mud and dirt:

Dad was sent on a scouting mission and to our disbelief, he actually was right on what he reported back to me. The most memorable hunt of the year as after we finished shooting our birds, we sat back and watched the show:

Sunrise looking over the marsh testing out the ISO performance on the new camera, ISO 8000, aint to bad:

Few ducks started to fly, so Miller called at them alittle bit:

Chance kept an eye on them:

And then delivered them to us:

A pair of double curls:

Shooting them in the beak as they like to call it:

Finally at last, a limit of geese was had and added another band as well:

Went out for alittle Christmas Eve hunt with the forecasted light snow, well it turned into a heavy snow and almost covered up my decoys:

A spot in a big field didn't look quite right and after glassing it, we hunted it the next day. This group tried to slide off on my side but they were alittle too close so 3 shots were took, and 3 geese were on the ground:

Hunting in heavy fog the last week of the season is alittle different, but if the birds saw and heard me, it provided easy shooting after traveling over goose prints with the Ranger:

As always, it was tough to see another season come to the end, this one being my 15th full season of doing what I love to do and sharing it with some great people. The camera equipment is cleaned, charged and ready for the awe that comes with chasing snow geese. I'm already ready!
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