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Thanksgiving day----180 degree view of the geese

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Geese that live in town and have yet to ever leave the city limits, these geese have fed in the several corn fields in the city limits, fly over the house every night and it is show

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where are all the dead ones? 8)
two really big important words

City Limits- they never leave them
sounds like the geese here, they just fly to wal-mart and feed then back to the oxbow.

i know! i dont have to worry about city geese like that so i dont have to worry about the damn things taunting me like that!
kool pics.. i think if you set up on the top of the yellow slide you could get a limit!!! :twisted: We have the same problem here but it is ground nobody can hunt. we try to get permision to Bump them out as much as we can... if it doesnt work then we do like you do,,,,,, TAKE PICS AND DROOL!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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