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Shooting A LOT of canadas :)

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Man the birds are moving through and STACKING up out here in Nebraska. We shot A LOT of geese this past weekend. Mainly geese but shot a few ducks as well. We were targeting geese mostly. We cycled A LOT of guys out of our pt on Sunday! 60 geese in 2 days :). Pics to come prolly later today!
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dont shoot them all. We are heading that way on Friday! :D
Yesturday was a HUGE push day!!
Man that is doing work on em! I watched a ton of geese head your way yesterday.

I'm about to buy a Nebraska permit for some pheasant hunting tomorrow but I can't figure out what day it is valid through. Any help?
Not sure what u mean but my non res license is good til Dec 30 or 31st or how many days there r in Dec lol. We shot a banded goose that was banded in wall lake, IA
Thanks, I couldn't find whether it expired at the end of December or the end of 2011-2012 season.
Good to hear. Just got my 2 day permit for NE. Headed to Republican City on Friday to hunt on the reservoir.
There was a 24 hour period starting at 5pm on Saturday night that if you were within 50 miles of Omaha and you didn't see or hear geese every 5 minutes then you are either legally deaf or blind.

Which part of Nebraska did you hunt? I still have 2 weeks till I head out to Scottsbluff and I am guessing the days are going to crawl by.
All over but we shot all these this weekend by Valley
Heading to niobrara area friday hope to hit the BIG PUSH!!!!:4:
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