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We all have one story of where everything went horribly wrong either from something we did or didn't do or something to do with the weather.

Mine started when I was trying to fashion my first boat blind. My dad and I took 1/2 metal conduit piping and a camo very shiny tarp on a 12' john boat. We strapped down the tarp so that it would not roll up or down. This thinking makes me scratch my head now but I was only 15 then.

We took it out with our little 1.5 hp motor to one of our favorite ponds for teal season. The day was blue bird as blue bird gets and hot. This day was just bad there were not many birds flying there that morning but since are blind was shiny they did not want to decoy anyway. Well by about 10 the birds had all left not even the swallows were flying. About 11 the wind started to pick up, and by 1 we decided to leave 0 birds in hand.

We pushed off the bank we were on and the wind caught use. As we started our motor it was not pushing us. The pin broke. With the sail we had created we were not making it back to our decoys and definetly not making it to the boat ramp since the wind was pushing us at a complete 90 degree angle from both. We ended up on the bank walking our boat 1500 yards along the bank fighting the wind and the waves.

Next day we came back no blind and fixed motor to pick up our decoys. Got back to find half dozen had been shot.

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I have had alot of bad days.

I will name a couple not in any order.

1.) My friend Trapper and I borrowed my friend Casey's boat because Trappers boat trailer was broke. Trapper and I were out chasing down cripples when we noticed that there was a lot of water in the boat. So we picked up the birds and got back to the reeds and then the boat started sinking fast so we drove the boat to a rock pile and the boat sank there. We were in waist deep water during Thanksgiving weekend and we had to wait for about 10 minutes before someone could come out and get us and then it was another ten minutes getting back to shore and about 40 minutes of pulling the boat back to shore. After we got it on shore Casey called and said that we need to plug the live well because it leaks bad.

2.) In the ND early season I found a field of about 500 geese and got permission from the land owner. I called my friends and they met me at the field. There was 6 of us total. I then got a phone call from the land owner and he told me that he was planning on hunting that field that day so I need to leave the field. So we went to spot number two. As we were driving out there I noticed alot of tire tracks so I got out to investigate and didn't think anything of it, so we got the decoys set up and when the sun rose, then did I realize what all of the tire tracks were from. Some one else got denied permission and drove around and scared all of the birds. Too make matters worse some people busted the roost.

3.) I have sole permission from this landowner and he said to kick anyone out of the field. So I go to the field the next morning to hunt and some people are already there. I walk up to them and ask them what they are doing. They told me that the landowner gave them permission I asked what the landowners name is and they didn't know it. So I told them to leave otherwise I would call the CO. They got mad and left. I set up the decoys and they watched as 3 people from that group sit in the ditch with guns and the other 3 go right to the roost and bust it. It wasn't that I was mad that I didn't get birds, it was the fact that I had a first time hunter and he had to watch me kick people out and watch them screw up a hunt. I would have let them hunt with me if they would have asked me.

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bad duck trip

Mine was several years ago when I was much younger and dumber...

We walked into a secluded bay at Redrock. It was late in the season and very cold. We knew there were tons of duck using this bay, so we were excited.

It was a long walk and we way over loaded. We had 3 guys and carried about 6 dozen decoys.

We go set up and right away the ducks started working. The first bird was shot, but there were about 3' swells on the lake and the dog wouldn't retrieve it, so we had to. My brother and buddy followed the bird as it blew down the shore (we were hunting a cross wind) I stayed with the decoys.

They traveled out of site and seemed to be gone for a long time.

While they were gone, birds started working again. I had a pair of greenheads drop out of the sky, jumped up to shoot, and gun was frozen from the freezing rain and drizzle..I tried to fix it as greenhead after greenhead cam and went

After several minutes I saw my brother and buddy head back. They got back and both were wet and my brothers gun was broken. They both went under while retrieving the dead duck. They had to hurry back to the truck as they were both numb and fearing hypothermia. It took several trips to get the decoys back to the truck.

We ended what could have been a great day with 1 duck and a broken gun.
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