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Setting Up your Trailer

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I purchased a 6X9 enclosed yesterday and am looking for insight on how to set it up. I think I have an idea on how I want to set it up to fit my field spread (shelving on front and one side), but am open to any other ideas. How many flood lights do you use? Another thing do you run your floods off of the vehicle battery or do I need to run a seperate 12 volt system? Thank you in advance.
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for sure a sepeate battery. if not you'll be super excited when you have a nice spread set up and a beautiful truck and trailer parked dead in the middle of it! but if you look back their is a "lets see your rig" thread and there are some pics of peoples set ups.
personally I think shelves are a waste of space but we run Big Foots so we don't bag. Just throw the layouts on the floor and throw the decoys in on top.

I do really like the idea of a separate 12V system with flood lights. Beats head lamping it.
I agree. I used to shave shelving. It took up a ton of space and alot of weight also. But then again i aslo have bigfoots. No bagging and no broken parts. That equals time saved
I don't have many big feet and many of my full bodies are flocked so I don't want to just pile them. I want everything organized and stocked to prevent load shifting (paint/flocking damage) while pulling.

For anyone else looking for set up idea's this is the only thread I could find.
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Ice fishing set up.
I have a 6X12 trailer and set mine up this way. Again not pics of my trailer but used this same system. Works pretty slick. I have 66 big feet in back of trailer. In front of trailer I have everything in bags can get to them in side door. Keeps it nice and organized and still able to pull out shevling if I need more room for something else. Trailer holds alot of stuff! PM if you have any questions. I might still have the plans/ materials list the guy sent me if you are interested.
Here is the link to the pics of system. Not sure how to post pics.
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Snots I'm jealous, you are a lucky man. Is there anything you don't have? Now I have another thing to put on my wish list. A boat with nice hard sided blind is first! So the ice fishing trailer is going to have to wait.
thats one hell of an ice setup Snots!!!!
I've tried shelfs in the trailer twice, and just preffer to bag the dekes. It makes the most out of your space kepps everything in good shape and clean and makes setting up quicker when you can throw two bags on your shoulders and caarry a dozen at a time vs. 4-5.
Is there anywhere I can get bags cheap? I currently have 4 doz full bodies and none came with bags.
I have shelves in mine. They are some heavy duty ones from Menards. I cut down the spacers between the shelves to maximize space. I have a 5x8 trailer and can fit four dozen full bodies in it that way. I do need a bigger trailer though. I have 5 dozen full body mallards in bags, 5 dozen goose shells and four blinds. Not enough room for all that stuff. I have some pieces of e-track screwed into the frame, and the shelves are just zip tied to the e-track. I have a bungee cord on each of the shelves to keep the dekes in place. It works pretty well and is organized. I noticed on a Zink video they had hooks, much like what you would hang a bike on, screwed into the side of the trailer that they put the deke on. I'm curious how they stay put if you hit a bump while you are driving. It looked really good though and well organized. I did have bags at one point, but didnt really like them. No good way to keep them square, and it seemed like the heads would rub against each other. I got rid of them. I love the bags for my full body ducks though. They stay square and nothing rubs on each other. If the goose bags were the same way, I'd go with those in a heartbeat. Huff
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try the rig'em right bags that is what I have went to very heavy duty bags and keep their shape well, I still have some of the avery bags for my floaters and snow FB and like you said they are a pain
If you have some time to waste get on NoDak outdoors. They have a trailer forum with a lot of pics.

I have shelves, however my trailer is a 7x12, which leaves a little more room to walk/store blinds. I built shelves across the front and down one side leaving the other side oppen for whatever. I set mine up with the top shelf just low enough from the ceiling that I could get my FB duck bags on the top shelf "holds 5 dozen". The next shelf down will hold about 3.5 to 4 dozen Full Body Honkers in bags. Below that I can hold another 3.5-4dozen FB honkers in bags. With the FB decoys on shelves that leaves plenty of room for Blinds, goose shells, goose floaters, Robo's etc.

I put I Bolts on the studs of the shelving and used some large 2inch wide adjustable bungee straps from Menards to keep the bagged decoys from bouncing off of the shelves during transport.

Ill post a pic this weekend when I get it out, its in the barn and its raining.
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