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Rookie mistake

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Back when I first started duck hunting I was about 16 by myself on a small hole of water with some 20 year old dekes my uncle gave me. I hadn't seen anything so I dosed off for about 5 mins and when I sat back up there was a duck that had snuck into my decoys just swimming around them. So I jumped it...knocked it stone dead and went to retrieve my first duck. it was a drake wood duck. I didn't think much of it at the time as it was my first duck and just getting into waterfowl hunting I didn't have it mounted. Now that there's nothing more I enjoy than hunting ducks I kick myself wishing I had it mounted. Probably the best looking duck I've shot to date and wish I had the mount to put in the man cave. Anyone else have a duck they wish they had back?
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I regret leaving my first wood duck drake I ever shot in the freezer too long… Also I was picking up my goose spread on the last week of duck season and my brother convinced me to leave my shotgun at home since it was snowing and the wind was blowing… HARD. There was a Goldeneye drake sitting in a little hole that was not frozen yet, easily could have slipped him. To this day I have not shot one. Or the time I shot a blue that had almost a pure white belly. Hands down the prettiest blue I've shot to date and didn't mount it. Or the adult greater snow I shot jump shooting.
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