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Rookie mistake

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Back when I first started duck hunting I was about 16 by myself on a small hole of water with some 20 year old dekes my uncle gave me. I hadn't seen anything so I dosed off for about 5 mins and when I sat back up there was a duck that had snuck into my decoys just swimming around them. So I jumped it...knocked it stone dead and went to retrieve my first duck. it was a drake wood duck. I didn't think much of it at the time as it was my first duck and just getting into waterfowl hunting I didn't have it mounted. Now that there's nothing more I enjoy than hunting ducks I kick myself wishing I had it mounted. Probably the best looking duck I've shot to date and wish I had the mount to put in the man cave. Anyone else have a duck they wish they had back?
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20 years ago or so, a friend of mine and I jumped a pond full of snows and blues. we didn't know you could shoot the blue geese, so we let them go. :p
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