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River Mallard Brand Decoy Cart FOR SALE/NEW PRICE and PICS

Commercial grade all-welded custom decoy cart. Collapsable; will fit in pickup bed. Great ground clearance. Very large capacity and good weight distribution (over the wheels not on your arms). Cargo-area measures 3'8" X 5'9"; side rails all around for tiedowns and holding cargo secure. 24" wheels on folding bike-type forks for ease of storage. Smaller 6" solid rubber caster wheels on back for sliding out of p-up beds, trailers, storage, etc. Rubber gripped removable ergonomic-design handles; can be switched on the frame for either push or pull. All removeable attachment points use large pull-pins. Three additional (also removeable)side racks for additional fullbody decoy transport. (will easily work with BFs, GHG, Higdon, etc.)

Carry blind(s) and decoys out together. Great for fields that landowners won't let you drive in, levee walks, etc.

Over $400 new. Will sell for $200 FIRM Pick Up West Des Moines,IA

If interested send a PM
Cart collapsed to slide in p-up or trailer
Primary wheels plus front dolly-type wheels

Can use just primary cart-bed OR....

Additional side-brackets to hold up to 16 extra
fullbodies and top braces for blinds
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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