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guys this is why i allways say you have to live life like it is your last day, and dont sweat the little things in life... My buddy and prostaffer Dan "Fergie" ferguson lost his great nefew in a freak tree accidernt last night.. Doug who was only 29 was helping cut a tree down that was nocked over by a storm and as he was cutting it the rope had had tied to his truck made the tree break in half and snap back and hit Doug in the head.. he was prononced dead about a half hour later while waiting on a air lift helicopter to lift him to a trauma hospital..
Guys sometimes we worry about the little things in life and dont realize how fast our life on this earth can be GONE!!! He leaves a wife and three kids. the oldest is about 5 or 6... I may do a call auction if his wife is up for it to raise some money for her..i will add him to my newest video also as i have some footage of him with us at the sportsmans warehouse calling comp this last fall.
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