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Auction Items for Dean, separate post, easier to keep orgainzed. This auction (Pay it forward auction for Dean, # 2) will end 8PM August 1st.

#1) 1 (New in wrapper) Zinks Four the Hard Way Hunting DVD Starting at $1.00

#2) 1 (New in wrapper) Zink The Band Hunters 24/7 Hunting DVD
Starting at $1.00

#3) 1 (New in wrapper) Rig'Em Right™ Dawn Patrol DVD "Mt. Crushmore" Hunting DVD
Starting at $1.00

#4) Shawn Stahl 2 (SS2) Acrylic goose call Black/Ivory, Starting at $1.00

#5) 1 Tanglefree 18" Flying Mallard Decoy (new, sticker still on the ass), without the pole Starting at $1.00

Tanglefree 18" Flying Mallard Decoys: Lifelike detail for your spread plus a self - righting design and outstanding durability! These aren't your typical "throw-away" decoys. The durable construction features marine-grade closed cell foam with a high-impact armor shell of hard polyethylene that withstands extreme elements... you'll get years of use from every single decoy and never lose one to sinking!

Here's the details:
  • Adds a touch of movement to your spread to bring in timid birds
  • Hand painted with rich feather detail for serious game-bagging results
  • Self righting weighted keel always lands upright, won't capsize no matter how rough the water is.
  • So durable, so easy to use, you'll wonder why you didn't go with Tanglefree in the first place!
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1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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