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After yesterday hunting in the snow storm our hopes were just about shot, but we went to our old reliable place this morning and it produced. I shot mine at 6:50am. He was just under 22lbs had a double beard and some decent hooks. Have yet to measure the beards or the hooks. We then headed west back towards the truck. Got 200 yards from the truck and gave a yelp from my MAD shippwrecked diaphram call. Had a gobble real close. Sat down and 5 min. later the old mans turkey was dead. His was just under 22lbs as well a decent beard and no spurs. 2nd time he has shot a no spur bird. They funny thing is we both thought they were bigger weighing birds till we put them on the scale at home. Hard to guess a birds real weight. This is the 3rd time in the last 3 years we have both shot birds on the same day.
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