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ok guys here are the 3 names i picked for the E2 to be named

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ok here you go, vote on these for the E2 and i will get a logo drawn up and the person that has the winner will recieve the call... The E 1 got named the BONECRUSHER and here are the 3 top ones in my top order... vote and let me know..
Thanks guys, Tim Schultz

#2 GROUNDPOUNDER named by Harvey 8542 and FERGIE(ADAM should like this one)
#3 SHOCKWAVE named by Orange Legs
so there you go.. i will let you guys vote on it and after i get back from the Wisconsin show i will get the calls lasered with the name...
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How about calling the whole collection "The Bone Yard"
Tim, those names just dont seem to fit with bone crusher. How about
bone colector or
wing bone or
dirt nap or
shallow grave
well lets see hmmmmmmmmmmmm CRIPPLER for sure!!!!
well i think CRIPPLER does fit with BONECRUSHER.. i can make a pic of a goose on crutches or a broken goose leg bone.. or a goose with a broken wing or broken wing bone... ??
It could be Schultz's "BONEYARD" Calls...
I have to go with mine GroundPonder :lol: :lol: :lol:
who wants to cripple anything............ just wax its a$$
I would agree your not out to cripple, but your also not out there making money and the Money Maker sure seems to sell as a call name don't it?

Its about catching the consumers attention and selling the product, doesn't have to be 100% literal!!!!

Tim, I love the idea of a goose with a its leg in a cast or crutches or something like that
I like groundpounded!!!!! Something about the 50 to 60 yards ground pounds on winged geese. HHHMMM I seem to be pretty good at those. :lol:
I like shockwave
well it looks like so far it is CRIPPLER... Even though some think it is not good to cripple birds.. you know it could be falling out of the sky crippled or ??? then hitting DEAD.... I like the name WINGTALKER (from DOC RAY)for my duck calls maybe..
i guess i dont look at it as crippling the birds as you dont kill them, but when you call them in it cripples them to the point of giving up and taking a trip into your spread...just my 2 pennies
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