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Ohio-waterfolwers birds going home

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Very nice Lee!
Thank you Adam

they look nice.....keegan

Lee, little man in my avatar wrote that......
:lol: :lol: , cute guy there clipper.. must get his looks from his mothers side :D

Lee your chatin w/ a seven yr old!!! FYI, Clipper....
he is doing a good he hunting yet?

It's down to you and me now {little guy is tuckered out} I have him shootin bunnys and ground vermin!!! He is rather good w/ his 10/22 w/ a red dot. This is the summer for punt guns though My dad would throw paint cans tied to a string for hrs for me....{20 yrs ago} You think I should do the same or is ther a better way? Worked for me :D
something else that works are ballons.. they move in the breeze and offer a good target.
also some calrification for those wondering about the bill color on that drake..i had the owner send a photo it was actually greener than that but i toned it down,,it was like a real lime green with black markings.. very strange.

balloons are a great idea lee!!! Thanks, I'll have to do them at them at the farm though.... Clean up!!! :D I'll fill you in!!!
sounds good clipper.. they worked for my three.. but i made them use a 410 single shot.. then to the guns they hunted with..
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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