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Lol I deleted it because I hunt camerons who's right next to all the private and public, also I didn't want all the weekend warriors on here knowing where the ducks were after I thought about it, but regardless we did very well on the private this morning, yesterday morning on the back waters by train bridge in independence and yesterday by littleton, clearly you have no clue who I hunt with or where we hunt, I love it, but just a FYI I hunt with people who own ground on the private if you must know and yesterday morning we were on private if anyone was around they would of heard us easily, if you really want to see birds killed talk to the guys who shot twice as much killed 2 woodies and maybe a couple geese after they sky busted all morning, somehow I feel h20 was part of that group but I guarantee if he was anywhere close to littleton we would of easily heard them :D:EatingPopcorn:
You talking about the group of guys that have the blind north of the big blind that only shot a couple ducks and geese? And any weekend warrior on here isn't gonna go out on the river by indee I can almost guarantee that lol.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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