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Nebraska Gobbler Arrowed

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Just Returned from Nebraska after a few day hunt with some friends, it was action packed but cold with brutal winds up to 45 mph. I called a group of 10 gobblers in yesterday morning and the boss bird got right in the face of my DSD jake. At 7 yds I put an arrow in him and he was down for the count. He had great spurs and a double beard. The year started off great so far...... :D

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Nice bird Tim!! Congrats!
Nice bird there, congrats on the hunt. Can't wait to get things fired up here in Iowa
Congrats Tim, nice bird.
Nice bird! Gotta love the point-blank shot and double beard! What part of Nebraska were you in? I'm heading out to Pine Ridge/Gordon April 23.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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