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I have decided to take my dad on is dream fishing trip this summer to the upper Missouri River in the Craig/Helena, Montana area. I'm looking for suggestions from guys who may have fished in this area before and used local guides, lodging, restaurants, etc.

I've considered some all inclusive packages, but they seem a bit over-priced for what we're looking for. We're going there to fish, we don't need a gourmet breakfast and four-course dinner every day.

We are looking to do 3 days of guided fishing, and would like to fish a different section of river each day. Most of the guide pricing I have found runs about the same, but looking for specific outfitters that you would recommend to use or to avoid.

For lodging, I am perfectly happy staying in a Motel 6 or Super 8. All we need is a place to shower, sleep and preferably get a free continental breakfast in the morning. That said, I would like to use a local ma and pa shop type place over a national chain.

For restaurants, we're looking for places that serve a variety of meat and potatoes type dishes, at reasonable prices. Again, local bar and grills would be ideal.

Thanks for any input you may have.
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