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Mo. Valley Duck Hunters Association to form June 1st 2010.
2 Meetings will initially take place to assemble duck hunters of the region. One on the Iowa side of the river and the other on the Nebraska side of the river.
The mission is to restore, enhance, increase Waterfowl Habitat in the region.
The mission is to Support WRP & NAWCA objectives with in the region to deliver increased waterfowl habitat and waterfowl hunting opportunities.
The mission is to Create & Support a Temporary Migratory Habitat Management Program that is conducive to attracting and holding larger concentrations of waterfowl in the region where traditional methods of conservation and restoration of waterfowl habitat has not been possible to obtain.
The mission is to bring together active waterfowlers from both sides of the river into a cohesive Organization that delivers the resources needed to greatly improve Waterfowl habitat and waterfowl hunting in the region.

If you are interested and wish to be involved please send me an e mail with your information:


I can guarantee that the revenues we raise will in fact be matched by federal dollars to deliver increased waterfowl habitat & waterfowl hunting habitat projects in the region on both sides of the river. I can guarantee that we will work with the Iowa Department Of Natural resources and our regions waterfowl Biologist, Nebraska Fish & Game Department and the regions Waterfowl Unit's Managers and facility site managers.

With over 100k acres of waterfowl habitat lost, destroyed and manipulated, we do have great potential and opportunity to deliver waterfowl habitat that is vital to our duck hunting future.

Again I thank you for your time and I hope your participation in being a part of the Organization & it's Mission.

William J. Smith
[email protected]

Ed Thiele
[email protected]
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