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North Zone, South Zone, Mississippi Zone ... Where's a Form to talk about issues related to the unique Missouri River Valley area?
1. The area is mostly forgotten/ignored by DNR. Purposely? Eh? Tell me I am wrong.
2. The river is not like the Mississippi or the other major rivers in Iowa; it doesn't freeze over and it is more controlled - depth changes seasonally.
3. The Valley is filled with small direct drainage streams that are spring-fed and don't freeze either.
4. Good wetlands harbor 1000s of bluewinged teal in August/September that come out of the Dakotas and SK. Bigger ducks do not come down from the Dakotas till the cornfields are hard covered. A few years ago, over 450,000 Mallards stayed in South Dakota and never came further south. Flights routinely come down the valley in mid-December to mid-January.
5. 750' west - Across the Big Muddy, Nebraska's 35,000 hunters can hunt late into December. Their low plains zone is 2 miles wide in some places. An Iowa Missouri River Valley Zone would average abut 6 miles wide and 150 miles long.
6. Another significant option would be offered to Iowa hunters and others - a place for late season Mallards and Honkers.
7. There are 5 power plants that help keep waterfowl in the area and the water soft.
8. A Zone west of the Interstated 29 would not impinge on anybody hunting in the regular south or north zone; however, it would give them another option for a very late greenhead hunt.
9. IF DNR would get a 14 day Teal only season for that zone specifically, it would add another great opportunity without taking away from the 60 day regular duck season. Can you say: "More opportunity for Kids."
10. It would sort of "blend" Iowa's duck hunting opportunities winth Nebraska and it might/will attract eastern Nebraska hunters. Can we say, "Yes, your welcome!"
11. There are days in the migration both ways that a hunter can see a MILLION birds pass by.
There ought to be a Missouri River Valley Forum on this website ASAP!! And there ought to be a Mighty Mo Zone -- that is a NO-Brainer.

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