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Look what I woke up to this morning........

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Was going to head out bow hunting this morning till I noticed it was still snowing real well at 6am so I went back to bed. Here are a few shots out the sunroom of the stuff I was hoping we were going to get on wednesday. There is about 3 inches on the ground and still coming down.

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Have a couple inches here too. Shot 2 roosters but should of been goose huntin. They were in the same field they were in last night for the first time in a long time.. Will lay there tonight and they wont come at all...
It has stopped snowing here, we ended up with about 2 in... sun is trying to come out.

we are pushing 4 to 6 in the timber without any wind blowin it around.
We ended up with around 4 inches or so I would say and did have some drifting later in the day. The geese never came off field so we decided on a pheasant hunt. They were sittin tight and the grove we hunt was loaded...

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better than no birds at all.. nice goin guys

lee :wink:
nice ditch chickens.
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