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Layout Boats and Trailer For Sale

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I have a trailer and three layout boats that stack nicely on it. I would like to sell as a package. This does not include motors or gas tanks (We can work out a deal on motors if needed). I'm asking $3000 for the three boats and the trailers. If you are interested pm me. Located in Dubuque

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The boats are about 100 lbs fully grassed so they are very easy to get on and off the trailer.
what kind? homemade?
The boats are homemade, they are built to take a beating. Still avaliable
Very cool!! You don't have plans so I could make one my self? How big of a motor do you put on these? Would you sell just one, if so how much?
I do have plans but I'm not going to give them away. I really would like to keep this as a package otherwise the 3 boat trailer is somewhat pointless. We usually put 6 hp motors but have put 9.9 hp on them before.
Well since no one seems to be able to get some buddies together and buy this sweet deal as a package I am willing to split things up. I just looked at the cabelas magazine yesterday and they want $2000 for one momarsh layout boat.
How much u lookin for one?
They were made 4 years ago. We keep them in good shape though!
Yes, I have had a LOT of interest but no cash
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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