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I'm assuming you're going after walleyes?

We usually go up in the middle of June and around that time vertical jigging a minnow is the way to go. We usually aim for structure (weed beds and rock piles) at 7-15ft which is found all over the lake...we like the north shore of the big lake. I know later in the year guys usually move to trolling the humps in deeper water with Lindy rigs.

The chop can get real nasty so pack your raingear, sometimes it's almost too much to go out on the big lake so we motor around in Big Cutfoot and troll shorelines. Battle Point or Seely Bay

We stay at Williams Narrows which is in-between Big Cutfoot and Little Cutfoot.

I'd ask the lodge you're staying at and see if you can get ahold of a local guide and ask them what their biting on and where their at. They might even have a weekly seminar where a guide comes and speaks, at least Williams Narrows always did.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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