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It's Official: Hoosier Bay Delta Waterfowl chapter.

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Well guys it is finally official. I started a Delta Waterfowl Chapter for the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids Area. We named it Hoosier Bay Delta. It was named after the Hoosier Creek Water Shed area that we hope to create more waterfowl habitat in. If any of you guys are interested in getting involved give me a shout. We are looking at having a spring banquette and a Youth day in late spring early summer. I know I took on a big challenge here but after being involved with several other chapters, I feel Delta has great programs to fit our area and are very involved with the youth.
2 years ago I went to the Three Rivers Delta youth day in Muscutine and was very impressed with how well this organization was ran. Hat's off to Steve Nienhaus for running a great chapter. My wife actually encouraged me to start a chapter mainly for the Youth programs, since no other chapters really do anything like this in the area.
Here is a contact link:
Again if you guys have any question just give me a call of shoot me an email.
Jeremy Stolba
Hoosier Bay Delta Waterfowl Chairman
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Good luck man! I did the same thing about 4 years ago and started a Wisconsin Waterfowl Association (WWA) chapter in my area. There are going to be ALOT of growing pains. Good news is that the 1st year is the hardest, every year after that it gets easier! The best thing to do is surround yourself with passionate guys. And make sure they are popular so they sell tickets! haha

There are a ton of banquets these days, the trick is to be different, provide good value, and a good time. We have done very well, infact better than we could have ever hoped. Fell free to shoot me a pm or call anytime.
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