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Iowa's Water and Land Legacy Campaign

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All, Please see the email below from Iowa’s Water and Land Legacy Campaign about the exciting news of the enacting legislation being passed and a matching pledge from Pheasants Forever.

This will be on the ballot next November and is one of the most significant environmental initiatives we have worked on. It needs your support and the support of all Iowans.

Member Organizations, please forward this to your membership.

Learn more about it here : We have exciting news! The Iowa House & Iowa Senate have passed enactment legislation for Iowa's Water & Land Legacy Amendment! The legislation spells out how the amendment will protect our water, conserve agricultural soils, and improve fish & wildlife habitat. You can learn more about it here.

To commemorate, you have an opportunity to DOUBLE YOUR CONTRIBUTION to Iowa's Water & Land Legacy. Pheasants Forever has announced that they will match DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR everything contributed to the campaign for the next 20 days! Every contribution WILL BE DOUBLED. Contribute today!

Campaigns are expensive and we have a historic opportunity to permanently and sustainably fund conservation, water quality, and outdoor recreation opportunities. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Contribute today to show your support and take advantage of the MATCHING GIFT. Your $25, $50, or $100 contribution will be DOUBLED to $50, $100, or $200 if received before April 15th.

We've attached the email from Matt O'Connor below because we want you to see how important this is to Pheasants Forever and why contributing today is so important.

Pheasants Forever's Iowa chapters are actively raising dollars for Iowa's Water and Land Legacy Campaign. PF is offering a challenge to the other members of the IWiLL coalition. Any contribution to the Iowa Water and Land Legacy Campaign from today to the April coalition meeting (4/14) Pheasants Forever will match up to $125,000.00.

It is time that fundraising becomes our top priority. I hope this challenge will remind coalition members that it is time to write the first check, or another check. We have a historic opportunity this year - a chance to really make a difference to future generations. I'm hoping this will really motivate folks to get involved.

Hope this helps,

Matthew O'Connor
Habitat Forever/Pheasants Forever
Hopkinton, Iowa 52237

Thank You!

Thank you for your support, we are only sharing this email with our closest supporters and your contribution will help us protect clean water, for Iowans, forever.

Mark Langgin - Campaign Manager
[email protected]

P.S. - Text 'WATER' to 97063 on your mobile phone to sign up for text messages!

PO Box 93176
Des Moines, Iowa 50393-3176
Iowa's Water & Land Legacy, a project of The Conservation Campaign
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Vote YES November 2nd on Question #1!!!

The TV campaign is starting today on network channels! Check out the Website for more info and take a look at the video on youtube! (I have a personal sake on the video....the boy on the tractor is my son!) but this is important for all iowans!!!

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