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The Iowa Senate passed the Iowa Dove Bill today 30-18, on to the house of representatives. The Dove Bill number in the House is HF 508

Folks please contact your House of Representative leaders requesting that they full Support the Iowa Dove Bill and deliver it to the desk of Governor Branstad. Do your part and get active in this issue as the final portion of the Bill could be our biggest challenge as sportsmen. Pass this letter along to your friends and family who support hunting.

Here is the link to contact House Members who sit on the Natural Resource Committee.
Every last one of these members must be contacted by you as this is the first order that has to be done before we can get it to the house floor for a vote.

Here is the link to contact your House of Representative member. If you click the name it will provide you his or here phone contact information and to the far right you can see their e mail contact address. You must make this contact to your member after you have contacted all those that sit on the House NR committee.

William J. Smith

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Whether we like it or not, Iowa sportsman are now picking up the tab to pay for the conservation of upland bird habitat in Iowa, even though for most of the state we have no huntable numbers of upland birds. I am sure the anti hunting organizations will now make a big push in Iowa. Now is the time for Iowa sportsman to step up to the plate.
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