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Gee, I'm nervous!...and for those that read this elsewhere, I guess I'm technically challenged as well...

I'm young at heart (child of the 60's), grew up in Cedar Falls, hunted the hayfield and 'Pete's Pond' at Big Marsh to death. Started field hunting Sask for specks and Riverton for white geese in the 80's. Moved to the Quad Cities, and hunted Princeton, Green Island, and Nairobi (those who know will know). I'm into the being owned by dogs routine, had 3 blacks, all pointed, all good - no thanks to their owner. Just moved to Des Moines area last fall. I have all of the equipment / dogs, need to start working on the local landowner relations for field Canada's, and scouting the Boxcars - wish me luck on the latter, I hear that's an interesting place when the birds are in...I have done the DU thing for 20 years, and it's nice to be out of that loop for a rest - I'll be back.

Seeking Des Moines area old fart like me that has the spots, who needs more equipment, who needs a strong back and weak mind, and who needs a guy to cook breakfast, and bring the stale donuts and the lukewarm coffe - I'm your man!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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