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We are looking for the best photo of your 2009 Iowa gun harvest. This contest will run during the dates of your REGULAR gun season only and can be pictures of does or bucks, we just want to see the best photo of you WITH your harvest. We also would like a picture of your carcass tag submitted with the entry to verify the state and year of harvest. This contest will be voted on by the site moderators. You must have 10 posts minumum as a member to participate. Near as I can tell from the IA DNR page, the season dates are Dec 5-9 and Dec 12-20 for the regular season.

Gamehide has once again stepped up to the plate and offered up an awesome Upland Game Vest and a hat for the big winner--Thanks Gamehide!

Please post harvest pictures and tag pictures in this thread, please keep the replies to pictures only to make the contest easily viewable for site viewers and judging. Good luck guys and lets see you and your whitetail deer.

Here is the Vest

Here is the Hat

For more info on the Gamehide products offered, please click this box
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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