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GHG Motion Bases?

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I just received a Hunter Series Harvester Pack for Christmas and now I'm trying to figure out how to get some motion bases. Does anybody have any thoughts besides calling Customer Service? Also, I was wondering what the max wind speed the motion system should be used in? I would think at some point, the wind would cause them to move in an unnatural manner and do more harm than good. I just got into goose hunting this year since the pheasant season was so poor so any advice would be appreciated!
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the ghg motion system works best when used at least 75 miles away from ankeny!!!

okay just kidding...

the motion cones that are inside the decoy have 2 for motion and one that will snap in place and not allow the decoy to rock or move in the wind. it will really depend on the day and how bad the wind gusts are. honestly, if its too windy to use the motion side of the cone your decoys will probably fall over. thats usually how i judge it!

as far as getting bases for them...that might be tricky. guys are much more likely to part with the stakes than the bases. your best bet is to call customer service. on VERY rare occasions, i have seen them on ebay.
I bought some of the hunter series thinking they come with you are aware, they do not. I got my bases from avery/ghg for $3/ea + shipping. 24 bases to my door for around $85.
you will have to buy the add on kits for $25 for a dozen that have the cones. that is what i did with my hunter series several years ago. they will come with stakes then check out the classifieds on other forums and look for the bases or call GHG like was said earlier.
Thanks for the help. For $3/ea I think I'll call Customer Service.
pheasants said:
Rogers sells motion bases
I see Rogers sells the motion system and motion stakes but I don't see where they sell just the bases, anyone have a link?
Called Avery today and they are out of honker motion bases and only have lessers at the time being. He said it will be a few weeks before they have the one's I need. I just thought I would update anyone looking at doing the same thing. Thanks for all the help.
I would be willing to give you whatever you need for bases bud, I have piles. I will be that way this weekend.
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