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For Sale: Hardcore Canadas - 6 Doz

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Posting these for a friend-

For Sale: 6 dozen Hardcore Canadas. These were bought from 2005 thru 2007.

The paint and flocking are not in great condition, but the actual bodies are in perfect shape, except one that has 10-12 pellets in its chest. When you get 20 yards from them, they still look great!

All of these decoys have been retrofitted with Avery motion cones. So included is the field stakes and metal stands. I have 71 bases, and approx 60 stakes(they seem to go missing).

Also included is Diane's 6 slot bags.

I am wanting to get $1050 for all 6 dozen($175/dz). They will need to be picked up in the greater Des Moines, IA area.

The ONLY trade that I would be willing to accept would be for new or nearly new Avery FFD Honkers or Lessers.

Please email me with questions at [email protected]
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Here are some pictures. Some decoys are slightly better, some are slightly worse:

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