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Fb & Floating Geese, Foiles & Zink Calls

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GHG Lookers $130- Few seasons old with a few nics and scratches. Flocking on heads is worn in places but all standard wear.

Bass Pro Floater $30- Several seasons old, Paint is fairly worn but could be touched up.

  • Zink Money Maker $80- Couple seasons old, standard lanyard wear.
  • Zink PH2 Double Mag $75- 2 years old, has seen very little time in the field. It just never fit my style of calling.
  • Foiles Strait Meat Honker$50- Several years old, havent hunted it for a couple seasons, had it tuned and new reeds put in before I put it on the shelf.

Questions or offers just shoot me a PM. Thanks!
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Sending a PM!
Where you located? Interested in those goose floaters.
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