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Here are a few of the upcoming events that SHOW ME SNOW GEESE & LetEmWork Calls will be attending . If you are in any of the areas stop in and say hello to Brian and myself at these ;

Quincy Bay Blowout- Duck and Goose Calling Contest
Contest begins around 10:00am
Saturday, July 16 · 8:30am - 5:00pm
Quincy, IL. Riverfront- South Side Boat Club
610 South front street
Quincy, IL

Now Brian Bright of DuckDropper.Com and Scott Madison one of my guides will be attending the Waterfowlers Boot Camp on Ohio and will have all of our information and will be alos booking hunts as well

2011 Waterfowlers Boot Camp and Outdoor Festival
July 16th & 17th
Cardinal Center Campground
Approx. 30 miles north of Columbus Ohio at State Rt. 61 and I-71
Cabela's Outdoor Days-Hunting Guide Service Weekend
Saturday& Sunday, August 20 at 9:00am - August 21 at 4:30pm
Cabela's in St. Louis
5555 St. Louis Mills Blvd.
Hazelwood, MO 63042
Presley's Outdoors- contest
August 6th and 7th
Bartonville, IL USA Link:
Click HERE to visit the Contest Link. Contact: Scott Klasing Phone: 309-697-1193 Email:
[email protected]
Christian Waterfowlers Alliance
Brian Bright of along with our information
Sunday, August 21 · 9:00am - 12:00pm
8/20/2011 Location: Siloam Springs, AR USA Link:
Click HERE to visit the Contest Link. Contact: Tim Sallee Phone: 479-957-3033 Email:
[email protected]
John A. Logan -National hunting and fishing days
in southern IL
We will have our big booth along with DuckDropper, Hunt or
Saturday, September 24 at 9:00am - September 25 at 3:00pm

Sorry I am running behind a bit just have been real bussy setting up our newest hunting area the
Golden Triangle Duck Club

Have gotten our Corn, Red Wheat, Rice , Sorghum and Buck Wheat in will be going back after the show nest weekend to finish uo with Brown Top and Jap. Millet . Looks to be a big deal this year with it being next door to Grand Pass CA. This property is located in Miami , Missouri next door to Grand Pass conservation area.

This summer we have been hard at work getting crops in cleaning up blind sites and preparing our ice eaters . At this time planted crops include corn, red spring wheat, rice , sorghum, soybean, field peas and brown top millet. With bird numbers at a historic high , the upper Missouri River basin crops at a bust and the mid and lower Mississippi river bottoms in close to the same predicament . It really does look like our hunters will have a bang up season last season Grand Pass ended the regular duck season in Late December with over 112,000 mallards still on the area. Photos from last season ! Thanksgiving weekend hunters avaraged 4.5 birds per man between Geese and Ducks.Here are a few photos from that weekend !

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OK , so what is the defect ? Was it a manufacturing flaw or are you seeing a design flaw no one else has had issues with? I know it is not the back bone as it is stainless steel , did you break the stake or rip the wind sock ? Post a photo . We have made and used the back supports for over 6+ years so I know that is not the problem I am still running the first 6000 that we first made. If you were missing parts or if the grommets were not in the socks or something stupid like a band broken in the collar , did you call where you got them from to get a replacement? if not why? Tanglefree stands 100% behind there product unlike others that want to charge you for a part that you had already paid for but was broken. How many did you buy and how many were defective ? I got 100 dz last fall from Tanglefree and had zero issues with the quality of any of them. I look forward to your photo or description of what the flaw is. After I see the flaw I can direct you to whom you need to speak to get it fixed with no problem. Just a shot in the dark but Tanglefree is a sponsor on the forum if it was such a problem why did you not call them ? so the problem would have gotten corrected during the spring snow goose hunting season?

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OK , so what is the defect ? did you break the stake or rip the wind sock ? Post a photo .
defective sock. "I' didnt rip anything. mother nature did

Tanglefree stands 100% behind there product
can i have a replacement then?

How many did you buy and how many were defective ?
1 defect and 1 missing one of those little O ring deals

i left the field one night, didnt see anything wrong. come back 11 hours later and presto. i didnt call Teanglefree during the season cause i wasnt to worried about 1 decoy out of a million. i was way to busy killing so many snow geese i didnt have time to even ask anyone until i saw your signature and the thought popped into my head. i bought a dozen to try em out, and this is what happened to 1 out 12.


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One night :confused: First I can not be 100% but in photo #2 it looks as if you have the back support with the arch down or that is how it looks with the string wrapped around the the rear loop, if you do putting it together wrong will do this every time. I have been hunting snow geese since the the late 70's I have used almost every decoy out there in the form of wind socks starting with my friend Jim Jones before he had to change the name of the company " Custom Northwinds " and I also use Tracies deadly bodies . I only see that kind of damage with prolonged high winds and sever weather IE Tornado's and hail . But I guess anything is possible look at who's president if it were more than one and you would have sent a email then yes they would have replaced if you do not have the support in upside down but now not so sure but I will give you the benefit of doubt. send me your address and I will personally send you 1 body sock as this is all it is . Heck I thought you really had somthing big .
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