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Decoy Motion?

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other than the jerk strings and other gadgets any of you guys come up with tricks for getting some motion into you decoy spread?
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I use different tips and products for motion based on being set up on the water or in the field.

For water, I'll use the good old jerk string, mojo, and even use my feet/legs to move the water if I'm standing in it. Other products a guy can use would be those duck butts that move water or any other motorized gadget they have on the market today. Dont forget about using fullbodies too on motion stakes on water depending on how deep it is.

For the field, motion stakes, flags, mojo, and windlife heads is what I'll use for hunting geese/ducks.
Jerk String
Bilge Pump duck butts I've made

I try to stay away from Mojo after the early season.

It's difficult as I walk in mostly... so trying to run a call, a jerk string, and hold my gun when standing in knee deep water just doesn't work out well. I love the bilge pumps!
I still use the original quiver magnets that you have to cut the decoys back open and put it inside the decoy. They work great!
In Minnesota, we can't use any type of motorized decoys on public land, being quiver magnets to mojo's. I have a jerk string but just haven't used it yet.
I like the older quiver magnets but the new ones seem to die pretty quick.

I made my own fins for my deke lines when hunting in current. I have the multi cycle remote on my mojo as well.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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