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New decoys available AJB??
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I checked the Dakota site, there not on there, but there in the Rodgers paper, 1st time I have seen them.
They are very nice decoys. He has had some FB mallards for a couple years on very limited supply and they have been excellent and these are suppose to even be better. I will be picking some of these up this year also. Bill is also coming out with sleeper shells this year. Painted and XFD shells.
Can not wait for the new decoys to come out. They look great and CS is excellent!
Would like to see them side-by-side with some GHG full bodies.
I have seen them in person & they are nice but you still can't beat GHG in the fullbody department! But I don't use either. I use there duck shells!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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