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Dakota Decoys

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If you are in the market for new decoys this fall give our sponsor Dakota Decoy a look and see if they have what you need. Bill does an excellent job designing decoys and his customer service is about the best there is. So if you are interested you can contact Bill or if you want to make it even easier I am also a Dakota dealer. Here is the website.

Goose Decoys - Duck Decoys - Dakota Decoy Company
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I bought 3 dozen from a guy off this site I think, or some hunting website and a 3 of them had broken inserts where the stakes go into. I emailed Bill at Dakota and I explained to him that I bought these second hand and was wondering what I need to do to send them up there and how much it would cost to fix them. He replyed back giving me a shipping address and said that he would replace those decoys. I said oh he didnt have to do that since I bought them secondhand ,I just would like them fixed. Well 3 days after I sent them off I got a box from dakota with not only 3 BRAND new decoys but a 4th one free for my troubles. Apparently they were having a problem with that happing to there decoys. I was totally amazed by that. I like there decoys anyways but customer service yet alone the owner who does that, has my busniess!!
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