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New calls from Death Row & Dakota Decoys (thanks for the heads up AJB)
Dakota & Death Row are a sponsor of the site.

Extreme Honker Goose Call by Death Row Calls - This short reed goose call is sure to lock up the biggest and baddest Canadas. This is an easy blowing, easy learning call that can hit anything from high-pitched spit notes to the deep feeding murmurs and hiccups of those giant Canada geese. The longer mouth piece allows the call to break over with less back pressure while the longer insert gives the call a deeper sound. The tapered-bore of the insert provides the call with built in back pressure along with maximum volume for suckering them in from long distance. Couple this with the comfort grooves on the oversize insert for a sure grip, and any caller on any calling level will pronounce an “Extreme Honker” over any Canada Goose that comes into the dekes. Available in Smoke/Red, Smoke/Black, Ivory/Red and Ivory/Black. (bottom of page)
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