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Crow hunting tips?

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I'm wanting to give crow hunting a shot. I've been once or twice before with no real success.

Any experienced crow hunters care to share some tips?

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Find somebody that may have a deer carcass or birds-geese, pheasants etc...or a McGarbage bag:lol:

No but we had one of our best shoots over 4 pheasant carcasses and a little scouting. Deer work well to and some decent audio files with a few ffd dekes. We use an Avery decoy retriever to put a few in the trees and some near the dead pile. Mag extension and a turkey choke and #6 lead. Decappatated a crow at 15' that day and everything was working my side. It was a blast and got my barrel hot! Was a good hand warmer in between loading up
Yeah. Don't quote me, but I believe the season closes down because it's when the ravens generally migrate through?
That's what I was told also, but I'm not sure of that. We will usually get the kill bug when it opens back up and go stack a few up. Had a raven or 2 in the decoys once(I think...2 that were twice the size of the others) and let them pass
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1 - 2 of 40 Posts
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