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Crow hunting tips?

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I'm wanting to give crow hunting a shot. I've been once or twice before with no real success.

Any experienced crow hunters care to share some tips?

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Thanks for the info, fellas. I have 6 fully flocked crows and an e caller. I was considering some silhouettes to bulk it up. A lot of stuff I read they talked about using an owl decoy as well. Any experience with one?
Yeah. Don't quote me, but I believe the season closes down because it's when the ravens generally migrate through?
Here ya go, Randy I hear he comes highly recommended for his Crow hunts, ;):lol:
I bet he's a world class crow caller as well! lol
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Here are some decoys I made using 3/4" foam. Then, I use a metal coat hanger to stick them into the ground. I usually set about 15-20 of them out on the edge of some evergreens and have a hay day. I use the FoxPro Wildfire II. I've had really good luck in the mornings, just before sunrise and into the morning. They'll come if they are in the area.

One day this first season on them, sometime in November... I picked up my set to go home, made it about 10 miles and saw a group flying... I sped up and cut them off, jumped out grabbed the e-caller and remington 1100, walked 30 yards from the truck and knelt down... Blasted the "Crows 2" call and they turned like a flock of cupped mallards. Picked two of them off that time. Once shot at, they usually tend to fly away.

Good luck, looking forward to hearing success stories from ya.

Ever in the QCA, let me know... I'm always down for a crow bust!
Will do! Good job on those deeks!
1 - 5 of 40 Posts
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